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IT Consulting
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Our overriding focus is helping clients execute their digital strategy, whether we build it or not. We can offer support in product scoping & costing, design, compliance, security, digital marketing, managing other vendors, and more.  


We design and build technology products. Web development, mobile apps, CMS, CRMs, APIs, third-party integrations, hosting, kitchen sinks - whatever the language, whatever the weather.

Launching a business requires a thousand things to come together. We are here to help you figure them out, and execute the plan. Whether you are pre-seed or freshly-funded, we offer flexible packages to grow your business.

Our Services

Our Services

IT consultancy and software development comes in many stripes. Work with our experienced team to bring your ideas to life.

Cloud & Data

Are you planning a data warehouse project?

Perhaps you need a new CRM?

Or maybe you just want to get a grip on AWS?

We can help.

Mobile Development

Great apps are first and foremost great user experiences. We build native and hybrid apps that fit your user's needs.

Managed IT Services

Business Analysis

You know there are more efficient tools and workflows you could implement, but you also know there are plenty of dead-ends, and expensive one's at that.

Partnering with, us we will first develop and understand your existing systems, workshop ideas together, and then recommend process and technology solutions to achieve your goals.


Ask any developer or designer their biggest frustration and through gritted teeth they answer "clients not knowing what they want".

Bad for them but also bad for business: missed deadlines, budgets blown, and ultimately products that don't deliver as intended.

We can work with your team to tightly define project requirements, plan the solution, and create the requisite technical documentation for reliable delivery.

Project Management

When developing a solution in-house, your team can utilise our technical and commercial expertise to budget resources, communicate with stakeholders, and hit targets.

If you work with external suppliers, we can ensure you are getting value for money by only paying for what you need, as well as help manage technical complexities throughout the project.


Modern business technology is too broad for a one-stop shop. We don't pretend to do everything, but we can source and manage specialists on your behalf, and at the right price. Our aim is to ensure all your endeavours align with your goals.

Digital marketing optimisation, security penetration testing, GDPR compliance, AWS cost-cutting, and more - your business can leverage our network and leadership to create value.

Web Development

We adhere to the same engineering principles whether you need an SEO-friendly public site or a sprawling management application: clean code, user-focussed design, secure and reliable outcomes.

Product Design

Work with our designers to create beautiful interfaces, thoughtful user experience, and tightly-focussed products.

Backend Development

The engine behind your apps and interfaces. Business logic scripting, CMS builds, bespoke APIs, database handling, third-party integrations, and more.

​International House

61 Mosley Street

Manchester    M2 3HZ

United Kingdom

Tel.: + 44  (0)161 471 0083      Fax : +44 (0)161 471 0084      Email :

Company number : 13052485      -      VAT number : 365046694

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